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How to play Euromillions

Examples of lottery scams

As more and more people become aware of lottery related scams, scammers get more creative. Here are just a few examples of lottery-related scams you may receive:

Second chance in lottery / raffle

Normally it will try to justify it in that a new draw has been carried out, and has won a “second chance” prize in a EuroMillions draw. Euromillions does not carry out such type of “second chance” draws. Unclaimed prizes are always sent to the amount intended for prizes for future legitimate winners or transferred to charitable causes sponsored by the lottery.

The lottery on Facebook

This method will normally search for Facebook members and they will tell you that your account has been randomly chosen to win a prize..

Lottery Winners Charities

Some scammers use the names of known lottery winners who have donated part of the lottery to try to obtain personal information from the victim stating that the legitimate winner of the jackpot wants to donate funds for people less fortunate or in need..

Email provider lottery

Users of certain email accounts are shown that they have won a lottery prize sponsored by the email provider.

To see an example of a letter received to scam, visit Euromillions scam example page.


  • Game rules

    Rules for playing the EuroMillions lottery. What does it consist of, types of bets, number of weekly draws and price per bet.

  • Types of bets

    Types of bets authorized in EuroMillions. Single and multiple bets, number of bets that can be played and table of bets allowed for the multiple method.

  • The EuroMillions ticket

    How to fill in the EuroMillion ticket. Amount of Numbers and stars that you must select depending on your type of bet and number of draws in which you can participate.

  • Types of giveaways

    Types of EuroMillions lottery draws: Cycle, Super Giveaway, Special Draw with a guaranteed minimum jackpot and Occasional.

  • Distribution of awards

    Percentage destined to cover the thirteen EuroMillions prize categories. Rules for the distribution of prizes for the different types of draws: Special Giveaway, Super Giveaway.

  • News in Euromillions

    News that occurs in the EuroMillions game. Modification of the characteristics of the contest, new award categories, extraordinary giveaways.

  • Draws from previous years

    History of Euromilion draws from previous years. List of draws classified by year since its inception, in the year 2004 until the last full year, for your consultation and download.

  • Changes in EuroMillions

    Timeline with the changes that have been made in the EuroMillion game. New draws with large minimum jackpots, Million rain and the Million, for bets purchased in Spain.

  • Euromillones odds

    Calculation of probabilities of success in the various categories of the Euromillions lottery. From the origins of the game to the current moment with the current regulations.

  • Rain of millions

    Award-winning codes in “The Rain of Millions” by Euromillones. List of the winning codes that have been validated in Spain and those of the rest of the participating countries.

  • Tips to play EuroMillions

    Tips for participating in the Euromillion draws, how to buy tickets in time to play in the next draw and keep bets in a safe place.

  • Participating countries

    Information on the countries participating in the Euromillions draw. Bet price, associated games with which each nation participates and highest jackpots obtained by country.

  • Charitable contributions

    Contributions to charitable causes of the participating countries, from the sale of Euromillions and the rest of lotteries. Help and promotion of solidarity projects.

  • Big Euromillions jackpots

    Largest jackpots spread over EuroMillions. Winners' data and list of the highest prizes put into play so far.

  • Frequent questions

    Taxation, expiration and collection of Euromilones prizes. Information on where prizes can be collected, taxation and options to get the most out of the prize obtained.

  • Notice of fraudulent emails
  • Resumption of ticket sales

    These are the plans so that we can play EuroMillions again, and to the rest of lotteries, in Spain. Scenarios planned for the return of the draws.

  • EuroMillions sale suspension

    In this section we offer information on the suspension of the sale of Euromillions and the rest of lotteries due to the state of alarm decreed in Spain.

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