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How to play bingo

The game and its rules are pretty simple, so do not require special training. A beginner can easily figure it out, just by playing one game.

Choose a host

Leading - human, who gets the numbers from the lottery drum, which other players should mark on their cards.

You need to have a loud voice for this position., clearly read out the drawn numbers and do not rush - some players have several cards and need more time to check.

Take cards

Each player must take at least one card. You can take more, but at the same time you need to have time to check all the cells in the allotted time. For convenience, it is better to place them one under the other., so that all pillars with B go one after another.

Bingo-boom bookmakerBingo cards and chips.

If you take several cards at once, you can increase your chances of winning. But at the same time, in a hurry and from carelessness, you can easily miss the desired number and not mark it.

Hand out chips or markers

Every player needs to be given something, how can the named numbers be marked. For reusable cards, you can use:

  • Special bingo chips;
  • Coins;
  • Buttons;
  • Pieces of paper and more.

For disposable cards, you need to issue something, how can you cross out the numbers: pencil, a pen, marker.

Pull out one ball at a time

If you have a lottery drum, use it. But if you want to play bingo with your friends, usually, have to do with improvised means. To do this, you can write on small pieces of paper all the combinations from game cards, and then put them in a bag or hat.

Let him take out one ball or piece of paper, reads out loud twice.

Cover the named numbers

When the host calls a combination, you need to check its presence on the card. If she is present, need to or cover it with a chip, or cross out with a pen.

Bingo-boom bookmakerBingo numbers are composed of a letter and a number.

for instance, the host calls "B-9". So you need to find in the first column under the letter "B" find the number 9. If you're lucky and she is, close it. If nothing was found, do nothing and wait for the next issue to be announced.

Scream "Bingo"

Keep closing one cage after another, don't close yet 5 cells in a row horizontally, vertical or diagonal. As soon as you manage to get five in a row, say loudly "Bingo!». This means your victory.

If several players on the same turn have collected a line, everyone becomes a winner and shares the winnings equally.

Start of the next round

After the end of the first round, everyone removes the chips from the cards, and everything starts anew. All numbers are sent back to the lottery drum and shuffled. There should be no chips on the sheets (except that, what's in the middle on an empty cage).

Keep going, until you get bored.

How to increase the chance of winning at Bingo Boom

The player on the website of the bookmaker "Bingo-Boom" offers many games. If any bookmaker has sports events, then the lottery is the original offer of the bookmaker. It is a legitimate alternative to illegal gambling like casinos, poker, etc.

When it comes to sporting events, you can increase the probability of winning thanks to forecasts, using strategies, examining statistics. Live betting is easier, as you are watching the situation on the pitch, court in real time and you can immediately react with a bet on the outcome.

Any lottery is a matter of chance. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game even taking into account the game statistics. If you bet on other gambling games, offered by "Bingo Boom", gradual increase in rates, buying multiple tickets, participation in the draw, where there are not many participants, can increase the chances of winning the jackpot.


Fuh, end.

Today I told you the really useful secrets of, is it possible to win at "Bingo Boom". Hopefully, you will appreciate my work.

Bingo-boom bookmaker

What can be said in the final?

With respect to distance and strategy, the chances of winning increase
We apply my tips and tricks – increase the chances of a PLUS

Allow excitement – write lost

The best option is to learn betting yourself, how to play for money, comply with money management, etc.. If this is not possible, then follow the predictions of those people, who really understand sports, and who are able to prove the quality of their work, eg, of verifiers. At your leisure, do not forget to check those tricks and secrets at Bingo Boom, which I talked about in this article.

I wish you patience and wisdom, since these are very important qualities in sports betting. If you take this activity seriously, then fate should reward you, although even I can not give you any guarantees.

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