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What are the latest Eurojackpot Results


Firstly, there were no winners for 5 main and two additional numbers. So that means that there will be a rollover for jackpot.

Secondly, five main and one Euro number guessed 4 players.

In the third place, five main numbers guessed six players.

In the fourth place, four main and two Euro numbers guessed 36 ​​players.

Four main numbers and one Euro number guessed 826 players and took away the fifth prize.

In sixth place, the four main numbers guessed 1,366 players.

The three main and two Euro numbers guessed 1,612 players and took seventh prize.

The two main and two Euro numbers guessed 23,375 players.

The three main and one Euro number guessed 36,920 players.

The three main numbers guessed 62,053 players.

One main and two Euro numbers guessed 120,923 players.

At last, The two main and one Euro numbers guessed 513,447 players winning the last prize.

Date Numbers Prize
03/22/2019 24, 20, 49, 44, 15 + 9 + 7 € 10,029,078
03/15/2019 19, 2, 11, 1, 47 + 7 + 2 € 53,423,674
03/08/2019 29, 45, 4, 30, 31 + 7 + 1 € 41,023,359
03/01/2019 24, 7, 19, 18, 16 + 1 + 6 € 29,863,276
02/22/2019 26, 25, 14, 21, 16 + 10 + 8 € 19,742,573
02/15/2019 30, 24, 31, 1, 47 + 7 + 9 € 10,277,181
08/02/2019 26, 21, 24, 5, 8 + 5 + 4 € 63,248,942

Most common Eurojackpot numbers

According to the last data from the presently official lottery, you can find out which are the most common main numbers. Firstly, the main numbers;

Number Times Number Times
18 46 46 42
16 45 49 42
19 45 1 41
40 45 4 41
25 44 9 40
33 44 35 40
7 42 10 39
14 42 20 39

Secondly, the most common additional numbers:

Additional Number Times Additional Number Times
5 53 4 44
3 52 7 44
9 52 1 43
6 50 2 41
8 49 10 40

Least common lottery numbers

Number Times Number Times
2 28 34 34
5 33 36 29
11 34 37 31
23 32 41 34
26 34 42 34
27 28 43 34
29 32 45 32
30 33 48 25

To be sure, give yourself some time and find out what would be the best combination.

How to use Eurojackpot Results

all, using eurojackpot results history will indeed help you to
significantly increase the chances of winning. Given that, all you
need to do is step in eurojackpot results archives and search around
for overall the most common numbers.

To be able to collect enough numbers, you will need to generally check out more draws. For instance, if you checked only last three draws this maybe not be enough for a winning combination. Together with all eurojackpot results, there is a great possibility of making rather profitable number combinations.

Therefore to match the winning combination, it is necessary to keep track of the eurojackpot lotto results for at least three months. Once you find the numbers, decide whether to add them all or select one part according to another method.

other words, you can choose three numbers according to your important
date, and for the rest, take the most frequently drawn numbers. It’s
important to be persistent because sometimes it takes more time to
gather all the information you need.

Eurojackpot tips

the present time, Eurojackpot is one of the biggest lottery games
with the presently participation of 18 countries. Like Norway,
Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands,
Denmark, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, and many others.

often overlooked is that the starting amount of the jackpot is € 10
million. Most important, the prize continues to grow if there is no
presently winners of the Jackpot. Straightaway after every draw,
there is a rollover, which means that following Jackpot will be
evidently bigger than it was in this draw.

However, if the jackpot exceeds € 100,000,000, the extra income is evidently added to the next prize pool. To clarify, that means the chances of winning a larger amount in the secondary prize tier which additionally increases. To put it another way, winning the second prize will surely feel very close to getting the Jackpot.

Without doubt, the best advice for winning would undoubtedly be to do your research and obviously, play frequently. By missing the presently draw, you also miss a chance to otherwise win the jackpot.

What’s more, the results of all number frequencies are available on the site. But, for the purpose of saving you time, we correspondingly bring them for you all in one place. In general, the frequent flow of news about every drawing unquestionably helps the players that have no time for research. But about that a bit later.

Eurojackpot online

Without a doubt, the most convenient way of playing the lottery would be online. Not to mention, you can also have insight into eurojackpot past results. Even more, you can approach the game not just by computer, but you can also do it with your phone.

With a list of eurojackpot results, it should be generally easy to pick the correspondingly right numbers for you. In like manner, you can use your own systems or no systems at all, it is all up to you.

the other hand, there is a quick pick option that uses a random
number generator. In conclusion, it gives you the most random
combination possible. It is great for people who don’t want to spend
much time choosing the numbers or just simply don’t know where to
start. However, many people also say this is surprisingly the best
option to win.

Once the numbers have been selected, all you need to do further is wait for the draw. After that, you can check if you guessed the winning combination. As well as that, you can also check your purchased tickets in your account.

Most important, you can subscribe to Lottomania free of charge and straightaway contact support team for each question. They will try to respond as soon as possible.

Furthermore, many people also wonder about taxes as we all heard those horror stories about losing more than half of the prize to taxes. To point out, in the case of winning, you have to pay the tax correspondingly with the country you live in.

In conclusion, the biggest advantage of online lottery playing is that you don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets. The only thing to watch out for is that you do everything before the entries close.

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