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How to Claim Your Winnings

  • Self-Claim: Players can opt to claim their prize on their own. To do this, they will need to travel to the country that they have won the lottery in. A LottoSmile associate will meet them when they arrive and hand over the physical winning lottery ticket. From there, the responsibility to claim the winnings resides solely with the winner.
  • LottoSmile Claim: Rather than claiming their winnings themselves, winners can opt to allow LottoSmile to claim their winnings on their behalf. In doing this, the winner will need to work closely to provide all necessary information to LottoSmile, who will claim the winnings from the lottery operator. Once these winnings have been paid over to LottoSmile, they will be credited to the winner’s player account from which they can be withdrawn.

Gigalotto Features

Like the Buzz Lightyear of betting, Gigalotto goes above and beyond the basic betting services, also offering a subscription service, syndicate options, and other features. Read on below as we detail these features.

  • Gigalotto also offers a spectacular subscriptions service, allowing you to craft a recurring bet that keeps playing for you without you needing to repeat the purchasing process. You don’t even need to log in to the site! You can also cancel your subscription service any time, although, quite reasonably, Gigalotto maintains that all bets placed via the subscription prior to its cancellation will not be cancelled or refunded into your account.

  • Betting doesn’t need to be a lonely, solitary affair – Gigalotto allows you to set up a lottery syndicate, meaning a group of people bet together on one or more lottery result. Arguably, lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning, as you’ll be playing many number combinations – not playing a single bet, but rather a share in the syndicate. Of course, this comes with the flip side that if your bet does win, you need to split your winnings with the other members of your syndicate, but it’s up to you to decide if that’s worth it or not.  On Gigalotto, each syndicate is divided equally into a fixed number of shares, or parts, each of which has a fixed price. You’re limited to a maximum of 10 shares in each syndicate group. All syndicates work on a subscription model, with a monthly billing cycle or every third, sixth, or twelfth month.

  • It might be a little bells and whistles, but Gigalotto also has a regularly updated entertaining and informative blog, called the Gigalotto Magazine, which provides you with reading material on everything from interesting facts (full of things you didn’t know you need to know, like which celebrities play the lottery) to lottery news to lottery also has a full page dedicated to presenting you with the past results, details and winnings of all the different lotteries that it offers so that you can be fully informed as to what the playing field looks like before you place a bet.

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