Oz lotto results

Australia saturday lotto results

How to Play Oz Lotto?

The Basics

Oz Lotto is, as I’ve mentioned before, a very easy and straightforward lotto game. You simply choose seven numbers from a selection pool of 1-45, and to win the jackpot you must match all 7 numbers. Matching less numbers still nets you prizes, though you need to match at least 3 main numbers and 1 (or 2) supplementary numbers to win in the lowest prize tier (aka “division”). It’s that simple!

System Entries

Although Oz Lotto’s mechanics are pretty simple, that doesn’t mean there’s no depth or variety. They also offer a feature called System Entries, which give you the possibility to win in multiple prize tiers/divisions using just one entry.

Basically, System Entries allow you to pick up to 20 numbers in a single entry—wherein the numbers you chose can be made into multiple combinations consisting of 7 numbers each. To put it more simply, it’s like playing in several standard games, but using only one entry. So, for example, if you choose the System 9 option—where you can choose a total of 9 numbers—it’s like playing 36 standard games.

About Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto began all the way back in February 26, 1994, when it was introduced as Australia’s very first national game (at the time, New South Wales was not part of Saturday Lotto). Speaking of its competitor game, Oz Lotto started out with similar mechanics as Saturday Lotto wherein you pick six numbers from 1-45. However, in October 18, 2005, they changed the mechanics so that a seventh number would have to be drawn, which lengthened the odds of winning the jackpot.

For a time, Oz Lotto came to be known by different names depending on the region to reflect the change in mechanics. In regions where the Tatts Group runs the game, it was known as Super 7’s Oz Lotto, while in Queensland it was known as Oz 7 Lotto. In 2012, however, the game has since reverted back to simply being called Oz Lotto in those regions.

Oz lotto results how to play

there are so many new players, instructions on how to play are
evidently necessary.

On the
whole, you surely don’t need much of instructions because mainly,
everyone knows how these lottery games work.

all means, you know you need to choose your numbers and accordingly
wait for the lotto results sa or others.

you will likewise see do any of your numbers match and see what is
your prize accordingly.

important, some games have many prize tiers so even if you matched
just 4 numbers you will still get an oz lottery prize.

basically in lotto oz you choose 7 numbers and then, 2 additonally

key point is that all lotteries differ in how many numbers you have
in overall combination.

example, saturday lotto or xlotto requires choosing only 6 numbers in

that does not mean that you will have bigger chances in one or other.

Generally, there are other things that have an overall influence on this besides how many numbers is in combination altogether.

How many numbers to win?

key point, is certainly that you need to match all of the numbers in
order to win the jackpot.

to win any prize at all, you need to match only 4 numbers altogether.

On the
whole, that is, 3 main numbers and one aditionally picked.

Not to
mention, in case you match 4 main numbers only, you will get even
better prize altogether!

In case
you didn’t know, there are thousands of players who win in every
single draw.

For that
reason, in case you don’t win in the first try, try again because
you will win sooner or later.

these points, in case you want a jackpot, you must match 7 main

In case
you miss one and guess one additionally chosen instead, you will
still get a great prize.

a doubt, lotto sa has something for everyone. Likewise, try to put
some effort to win.

there are many great prize tiers that offer larger amounts.

When do I know I won sa lotteries?

general, you will know as soon as the draw has taken place.

in case you are not able to moreover watch
the oz lotto draw, you can accordingly see the results later.

By all
means, you can use the option of nsw lotteries check my ticket.

On the
other hand, you can also visit the results page and correspondingly
see for yourself.

a doubt, lotto sa can be checked at any time you want. For that
reason, you should certainly choose online lottery.

more, the results are updated immediately after the draw has taken

this in mind, you should correspondingly compare it and you will see
why is online lotto check ticket better.

How to win with Oz lotto results

How to win with the latest monday oz lotto results? First of all, you need to be persistent and follow all the numbers that have been drawn.

Also, don’t
forget that you have to choose nine numbers from 1 to 45. Before you choose
numbers, be careful how much there will be even and odd numbers.

You can use one
of the combinations like 2/4, 3/3 and 4/2. In other words, you can combine
three odd and three even, four even and two odd or two odd and four even

In conclusion, if you are sticking to this method, you are on the right path to accomplishing your dream. Just don’ forget on oz lotto check results

It is important
that you trust yourself and your capabilities and not give up before time. In
most cases, it has proven that it worths to be persistent.

In the end, if
you manage to win a jackpot, be sure how to spend your money. Think about your
next steps and watch out for discretion.

Discretion is
important to protect yourself from those people who just want to use you.

Furthermore, consider to search for the help of a financial expert. He will certainly advise you first to settle your debts, and after that, you can plan your future costs.

Finally, after you planned how to spend the money, it’s time to relax and enjoy.

Lottery numbers on Oz lotto results

The numbers are
randomly drawn but they can also be used.

Also, if you
choose a form that appears only in five percent time, you can expect a form
that will not give you too many chances.

In addition to
these combinations, such as 2/4 or 4/2, you can also try 4/3 or 3/4. For
instance, this would be four even or three even numbers.

Winning numbers
are usually found throughout the field. In other words, if you take the field
and divide it into two parts, you have a low and a high half.

For example in high half would be numbers from 23 to 45, and in the low half of 1 to 22. All low or high numbers are rarely extracted and appear only in one percent of cases.

Lotto numbers strategy

Do you know which
is the best lotto numbers strategy? In addition to the latest oz lotto results,
it would be good to look at the list with the winning numbers.

After that, you
will be able to see which group of numbers is not represented. Therefore, group
monitoring will help you decide which group of numbers will be omitted.

Also, specify the
number of played games since the last draw, for each of the winning numbers
during the last five draws.

After that check
how many times the jump has occurred. For example, if there are not a single
jump from 0 to 5, dial Lotto numbers outside the game.

In this
Australian lottery game, the average number of times will repeat about 45% of
the time. Three or more repetitions are rare in this lotto game.

Numbers that have not been drawn for less than three games relate to half the winning numbers. Lost numbers pertaining to ten games make up more than 80% of all winning numbers.

However, although hot numbers are more likely to be drawn, sometimes a long shot must be included in a group of more than 7 numbers.

What are the most common Oz Lotto numbers?

In order to find out the presently most common numbers, you have to do a little bit of research.

all, you can find the results anywhere. That is, generally, on any
site you want.

example, the last most common numbers are 27, 29 and 7. However, it
can change.

general, you can choose to use the results form past 4 weeks or even
past few years.

all, it is impossible to know which ones from those two will
certainly work.

in general, you will have to choose the way
you want to go yourself.

choose what makes more sense to you.

What are the luckiest numbers in Oz Lotto?

all, it is hard to tell which numbers actually work the best.

you can use the famous method where you find the most common numbers.

In other
words, most common numbers are the luckiest numbers as well, as they
are accordingly most commonly drawn.

basically, the luckiest numbers would be as shown above, 27, 29 and

On one hand, 7 surely is a commonly used number. That is because this number has many overall connections with games of luck.

In general, many people believe that 7 is a lucky number and that is why they particularly choose it.

Most importantly, you do what you think will give the best lotto results sa.

if you check lotto results you will be able to see what numbers are
drawn the most.

Which numbers to choose?

First of all, you need to choose the numbers in which you are sure that have big chances.

example, you might do that by research or other methods but most
important is for you to be sure in that combination.

In like
manner, you can also just pick your favourite numbers and likewise
keep playing with them.

all, you never know when will your combination turn up. On the whole,
that is certainly, just a matter of time.

For that
reason, you can likewise keep playing with just one combination you
made altogether.

every draw has a different result, your combination might likewise
match in the following drawing.

So, you can accordingly just pick the number dear to you or in contrast, do research.

When are oz lotto results online?

In case
you are new to Lottomania, you don’t know that results are
published straightaway.

That is,
immediately after the draw has taken place. Regardless of the day.

thing to remember, that is one of the greatest advantages of online
lott games.

For that reason, you can be one of the first people to see your mega jackpot results.

Of course, we will not forget about saturday lotto results which are likewise also important.

Not to mention, the lucky lottery results and many more you can approach with Lottomania straightaway.

What time is oz lotto results?

In case
you are new in this game, you probably don’t know when is the ozz
lott draw live.

To begin
with, you can watch sa lotto results draw live every tuesday.

important, the draw is always in the 10:30 a.m by Coordinated
Universal Time or UTC.

In case
you are playing from some different country, you have to accordingly
keep in mind the presently time difference.

But, one
of the greatest advantages is that you can play your presently games
from anywhere you want to.

For example, you can go on vacation and still correspondingly, play.

more, you can at the same time check your oz lotto or xlotto results
at any time you want.

How to find results?

On the
whole, there are more and more players who want to join in this
popular aus lotto game.

For that
reason, there is certainly always a need for instructions.

In order to do a lotto ticket check, you can simply visit a results page on Lottomania.

to mention, if you want to check oz lotto winners you
can also do that right here!

addition, you will also immediately find out what is your prize.

basically, you just need to follow the pages of your favourite lott.

to that, you will straightaway see the info you need.

Oz Lotto Odds of Winning

Compared to some lottery games – especially big ones like Powerball or SuperEnalotto – Oz Lotto’s odds are quite good. That said, these aren’t the best odds I’ve seen on a lottery. You’re looking at a 1 in 55 odds of winning anything, after all.

However, Oz Lotto still does offer good odds when bigger lotteries elsewhere (like the two I mentioned earlier, for instance) has some pretty astronomical odds. Check it out for yourself:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning
7 1 in 45,379,620
6 + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers 1 in 3,241,401
6 1 in 180,078
5 + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers 1 in 29,602
5 1 in 3,430
4 1 in 154
3 + 1 or 2 supplementary numbers 1 in 87
Odds of Winning Any Prize 1 in 55

So What Happens if You Win?

Much like their game mechanics, winning Oz Lotto is fairly straightforward, too. For prizes less than $1,500, you can head on over to any Tatts Outlet – in either Tasmania or Victoria (wherever jurisdiction you bought your ticket). Meanwhile, if you bought your ticket in the Northern Territory, you should go to any Tatts Outlet in that area.

Meanwhile, claiming winnings over $1,500 at any Tatts Outlet is a bit more complex. For starters, winnings that range from $1,500-$3,999.99 could be paid out immediately or, if not possible, the outlet itself could make other payout arrangements – though it is at their discretion. Prizes ranging from $4,000-$24,999.99, meanwhile, will be paid out – at the discretion of the outlet – after getting authorization from Tatts proper.

How to use Oz lotto Australia results

Australian lottery games are one of the most popular. It is meant for Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto and of course Oz Lotto.

Oz Lotto is one
of the most popular thanks to the high prizes where you can win the prize even
if you don’t guess all nine numbers.

For example, this game allows a minimum amount of $ 1 to $ 2 million per pool prize. In other words, you can win the prize if you only guess three numbers and one additional number.

If you decide to follow the latest results, you can see whether one or several players have managed to win Division 1 or there is no winner, so the cash prize went to the second round.

Australia lottery

In addition to
the famous European lottery games such as Eurojackpot or EuroMillions, you
should not forget about the popular Australian lottery games.

First of all
Saturday Lotto. Did you know that playing this game you can become a

It is also
necessary to select eight numbers from 1 to 45. While the first six are the
main numbers, the last two are additional.

Finally to win
Division 1, in only one game you need to guess 6 numbers.

In addition to $
4 million for Division 1, there are also Superdraws with a prize of over $ 20

The draw is on
Saturday night, so if you want to do it don’t forget to watch on time.

Monday &
Wednesday is another lottery game that has no complicated rules. In other
words, you don’t need much time to learn the rules of the game.

As with Saturday
lotto here also you have to choose eight numbers. However, of these eight
numbers, there are six main, and two additional numbers.

This game can be
also played on Lottomania. However, it’s important to finish on time. The draw
is on Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 AM AEST.

The results are
available immediately after 21:00, which means that you will quickly know
whether you have won the prize.

After each drawdown, dividends are updated. Finally, there is Oz lotto, which we have already said enough.

Tattslotto results Oz Lotto

Regardless of
whether you were following the Oz Lotto results or the Tattslotto results Oz
Lotto, you are on the right path to increase your chances of guessing drawn

However, for any of these results, it is necessary to have access to at least a computer or cell phone so you can track oz gold lotto results.

Although you can
get information through other media modes, it’s clear what is the best that you
can do.

With a stable
internet connection and the help of computer or tablet, you have a small
advantage over all who have opted for a more traditional method.

You should be
aware that every once a while there is news about the lotto. In conclusion,
there are lots of updates in the world of lottery games. This applies also on
Tattslotto results.

TattsLotto is a week-long lottery game that is played Saturday in the evening, in Western Australia, South Australia, and New South Wales.

No matter what you chose at the end whether is to track oz lotto results 1282, oz lotto results 1162, oz lotto results 1175 or oz lotto results 1276 it’s important to win.

If you missed lotto oz results tonight, you can always test your luck next time.

Like all other
lottery games, it takes time to explore all the playing methods as well as
getting it.

with a number of players and try to win a jackpot at the first lottery ever in
Australia. Good luck!

How to use Oz lotto results for winning

First of all,
avoid seven consecutive numbers. Six or seven consecutive numbers have never
been drawn.

However, five
consecutive numbers are rarely drawn.

Never make a
choice of seven numbers in one group of numbers. In other words, it is unlikely
that all seven numbers from one group will be drawn.

Also, avoid the
combination of numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. However, the most popular group of
numbers that many choose is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Now calculate how
many thousands of sold tickets are for the same combination. However, if you
can win a big jackpot you may pay off this combination.

In other words,
if you are not the only winner, if there is a division of awards and several
million dollars, that will be a decent amount of money that will be on your

Experts advise
you to avoid multiple numbers. For instance, popular combinations such as
30-35, 5-10, 20-25 and 15-20.

Finally, it is up to you to decide whether to listen to these tips or to rely on your instincts.

Above all, every lottery game has to be fun, and even if you manage to win a lot of money this will be the sugar at the end.

Best lottery strategy

Many players like
to play combinations like 33-42-23-13-3. In just 0.1% of all drawings, there
are four same last digits.

The winning
numbers of three-digit numbers appear in less than 3% of all drawings.

The winning
sets with one last digit refer to 90% of all drawings.

Avoid low number
combinations, in other words, many players like to play by calendar numbers,
for instance, anniversaries and birth dates.

In other words, the most represented numbers are from 1 to 31. However, if you play only numbers by the calendar, you can share the jackpot with dozens of other winners.

While you may not be able to choose personal numbers, it is advised to include high numbers so that if your numbers are drawn, you might win a worthwhile prize.

Lotto Quick Picks

Quick Pick is
usually used by lazy people who want to win money without investing a lot of

Therefore, if
you’ve ever read a jackpot winner article, it seems that most have used a quick
pick, or has chosen numbers by important dates.

Research has shown that many players are using the same method. However, if most of the tickets where the numbers are picked by the quick pick, it is logical that you should try to win the jackpot exactly with this method.

In conclusion, whether you chosen numbers by yourself or you have given it a quick pick if you are lucky your numbers will be drawn.

How to Play Set for Life

Set for life is an Australian lotto draw with a difference. Rather than focusing on the jackpot amount and looking for a one time instant boost to your bank balance. Set for Life offers a different approach to winning the lottery. You may have guessed by the name Set for Life offers its winners monthly payments for the next 20 years. The standard amount of the monthly installments is $20,000 AUD. This is the amount that a winner will receive, assuming that there are less than 4 winners in a given draw. If there are more than 4 Set for Life winners then the total sum (of the monthly installments over a 20-year period) splits equally amongst the number of winners and then given in the same monthly installments. This means that if you jackpot on the Set for Life with four additional people, you can expect to receive around $16,000 AUD a month for 20 years. The total is simply shared between the number of winners.

Set for Life Results

The Set for Life Results uploaded here shortly after the live drawing has taken place. Set for Life is a daily lottery draw meaning that you can play and win this lottery on every single day! It’s a fun draw, much like the Cash for Life lotto draw in Canada and has proved extremely popular since its first drawing in 2015.

Set for Life Lotto History

Since 2015, It has been an ever-present on the Australian domestic lottery scene. Aimed initially as a lotto draw that would appeal to a younger clientele, Set for Life has evolved in the two short years it has been around into an all-encompassing lotto that is played by people of all ages.

Set for Life Lotto Online

Like all Australian lotteries, Players of Set for Life can play online via online lottery ticket provider. Set for Life has proved itself as a popular online lottery, we think due to its easy structure, entertaining draws and is really seen as a fresh new kind of lottery.

Set for Life Lotto Results & Jackpots

Everyone has read multiple stories of lotto winners that got their money and blew it all. Not with Set for Life, $20,000 AUD a month for 20 years means that you can’t blow all your money even if you wanted to. Financial experts will tell you that money now is worth more than money tomorrow, and while this is true, the judgment doesn’t take into account the actions of the individual and how one might act if they really have access to such ungodly sums of money. In a modern world where everyone is trying to be green and responsible, Set for Life offers a payment structure that fits in with the zeitgeist of the millennial player.

Set for Life Lotto – Synopsis

Set for Life is a lottery game that is fun, exciting, frequent and popular. We predict more games with follow the Set for Life blueprint and begin opening their games up to small(er!) payment installments. The other side of the coin is that this payment method is preferable to those that organize and run the lottery. Instead of giving away 100% of the money on day one. Set for Life allows the organization to hold onto the money and slowly release it to the winner – as any business owner will tell you, it is always preferable to hold on to the money rather than distribute it all in one go.

These two factors, both the player side and company side, should provide the incentives to mean that Set for Life continues for many years to come. Be on the lookout for other lotteries offering their own Set for Lifestyle lotto draw, it’s a win-win for all.

Oz Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

case you want to see your ozlotto qld results, you can aditionally
check them here.

any oz lotto numbers can accordingly be seen straightaway on

begin with, the
last drawn numbers are 5,
6, 7, 9, 28, 40 and 44.

there are also some additionally picked numbers and those are 37 and

all, there was no winners for the
jackpot prize. For that reason, you can expect a following rollover.

basically, that means that oz lotto sa will have even bigger prizes

that reason, don’t miss out on the great opportunities altogether
while the jackpot prize is growing.

if you play, don’t forget to sa
lotto results tonight and see what are your presently prizes.

Latest lotto results

In case you
missed latest lotto results from aus lotto,
you can correspondingly check them here.

Most important, check oz
lotto ticket in order to not miss out on any great prizes.

Above all, you surely don’t want to miss Saturday lotto as you can consequently even become a millionaire.

Date Winning numbers Additional numbers
02/07/2019 5, 6, 7, 9, 28, 40, 44 37 , 41
25/06/2019 14, 19, 25, 29, 35, 36, 42 1, 13
18/06/2019 2, 3, 6, 16, 30, 35, 43 28, 41
11/06/2019 2, 7, 26, 30, 34, 37, 43 5, 8
04/06/2019 2, 4, 9, 17, 18, 22, 28 23, 32

Is 3 numbers in Oz Lotto a win?

Without a doubt, yes. However,
that is 3 main numbers and one additionally picked number.

So, altogether there must be 4
numbers matched in order to win a prize.

In case you match 4 main
numbers only, you will correspondingly get a higher prize.

In general, 9 numbers
altogether are in the combination. So, accordingly, matching 4 of
them is certainly no big deal.

On the whole, sa lotteries
have great odds. For that reason, many people specifically choose oz
lotto qld.

Finally, oz lotto winning
numbers will be something you will accordingly win!

By all means, don’t miss
tuesday night lotto because you never know when you might win.

Oz lotto results how to win

In case
you are a new player, you might not be familiar with all you need to
overall win.

That is,
in general, how to choose numbers and things like that.

example, there are ways in which you can help yourself to win that
aus lotto game once for all.

By all
means, you can use this for saturday lotto or xlotto as well.

So, there are basically two steps in making the overall combination. However, you can certainly choose your alternative path.

This is, above all, just a piece of advice. Most important is to be confident with your numbers.

For that
reason, read and research but use what suits you the best.

To point out, there are lists of the most common number available all over the internet.

So, how
do you start? First of all, you should surely have something to write
down the numbers.

you can moreover head for the following text below.

Pick your lucky numbers

First of
all, you need to pick your numbers. In general, those could be
moreover the most common numbers.

like manner, you can also choose the most common pairs. Most
important, choose what makes sense to you.

Not to
mention, you can also pick your lucky numbers and still win in lotto

more, you can accordingly use this even for powerball lotto results.

all, be careful to pick a few numbers more than you need so you can
correspondingly prepare for the next step.

a doubt, you can likewise just skip this step.

On the
whole, the most important thing is the combination altogether.

Make your winning combination

Now that
you have chosen your numbers altogether, you can finally make the
overall combination.

you need to see what are the patterns in the previous drawings.

general, try to recognize some of them and place your numbers

course, you can always just also skip this step and do by your own.

However, this is statistically the best way to do this. For that reason, give it a try, there is nothing to lose.

you can use the 2/3 scheme. In general, that can be arranged by how
many numbers you have altogether.

On the
whole, that means using 2 odd numbers and 3 even or opposite.

example, most of the drawings are an exact combination of those two.

there are numerous ways to get the lottery results.

general, 0z lotto can also be played in like manner. For example, you
can even figure out a pattern we missed.

As shown
above, the thing with odd and even numbers appears very obvious.

when it comes to other ones, they are correspondingly, much harder to

there might be specifically some number that gets drawn every few
weeks and nobody noticed.

In case
you have time for that, you should certainly keep an eye on it.

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