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Powerball numbers – results for the powerball draw

Jackpot Winners by State

Some states have had more success than others when it comes to winning the jackpot, but the odds of winning the jackpot are the same regardless of where you play. The states near the top of the list have either offered the game for a longer period of time or have a larger number of regular players.

Have a look at the table below, which is updated whenever the top prize is won, to discover how many jackpot-winning tickets have been sold in each state:

State: Jackpot Winners: Percentage of TotalJackpot Winners:
Indiana 39 10.13%
Missouri 31 8.05%
Minnesota 22 5.71%
Pennsylvania 18 4.68%
Kentucky 18 4.68%
Wisconsin 18 4.68%
Louisiana 17 4.42%
Florida 14 3.64%
Arizona 13 3.38%
Kansas 11 2.86%
New Hampshire 11 2.86%
New York 11 2.86%
Washington, D.C. 11 2.86%
Nebraska 10 2.6%
Delaware 10 2.6%
Iowa 9 2.34%
California 9 2.34%
New Jersey 9 2.34%
West Virginia 9 2.34%
Rhode Island 8 2.08%
Connecticut 8 2.08%
Tennessee 7 1.82%
South Carolina 6 1.56%
Georgia 6 1.56%
North Carolina 6 1.56%
Massachusetts 6 1.56%
Michigan 5 1.3%
New Mexico 5 1.3%
Idaho 5 1.3%
Oregon 5 1.3%
Oklahoma 4 1.04%
Montana 4 1.04%
Ohio 3 0.78%
Colorado 3 0.78%
South Dakota 3 0.78%
Texas 2 0.52%
Illinois 2 0.52%
Puerto Rico 2 0.52%
Maryland 2 0.52%
Arkansas 1 0.26%
Virginia 1 0.26%
Washington 1 0.26%
U.S. Virgin Islands 0%
Vermont 0%
Wyoming 0%
Maine 0%
Mississippi 0%
North Dakota 0%
Total 385 100%

Powerball Strategies

Although there are a ton of “methods” designed to beat the lotto from picking significant dates to using a lottery number generator software and even those who rely on magic spells. However if you are really serious about winning Powerball prizes then you will need a much more scientific approach.

However, you should note that professional lottery players have a different mindset to most other players. When they target the powerball with their techniques they are not aiming for the top prize.

Just like the techniques involved in other lotto games such as pick 6 or pick 3, the most successful Powerball strategies do not target the jackpot prize. Why is this?

Well would you prefer to win one big prize of, say, $5 million or would you prefer to win 100 prizes with each prize being worth $500,000?

Obviously you would want the 20 smaller wins because they equal $50 million!

Also win you win only once you run the risk of having to share your prize with other potential winners. If there were a lot of winners on the draw you won on then you may end of getting much less than you expected and maybe not even enough to retire

Lucky Numbers

What about using lucky numbers?

Well let’s get one thing straight, there are no such thing as “lucky powerball numbers” or lucky numbers at all for that matter.

The closest thing you can get to powerball lucky numbers are “hot numbers” which are not really the same thing.

Hot numbers are those numbers that seem to occur in winning lines more frequently than others – at least statistically speaking.

Many professional lottery players will incorporate hot numbers into their “wheels” to give them a slight extra edge in the game though many others totally ignore them claiming it is pseudo-science .

Conversely there are “cold numbers” that are rarely drawn in winning lines and so many professional lotto players avoid using those numbers.

I personally believe that you can marginally increase your odds of winning a lottery prize if you choose hot numbers for your pick and avoid using cold numbers. It can’t hurt and giving yourself every possible advantage can only help in my opinion. So why not choose hot numbers.

You can usually find hot numbers on the official website of your specific state or national lottery or by “googling” it.

However hot numbers are only ever useful when you combine them with the special wheeling techniques outlined below. On their own they will give you no real advantage.

Top 10 Powerball Jackpots

Thanks to its uncapped jackpot, Powerball frequently offers prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars and was the first lottery to have a jackpot reach $1 billion. Below are the 10 biggest Powerball jackpots ever won.

1) $1.58 billion — January 13th 2016

A new Powerball record was set on 13th January 2016 when the jackpot reached $1.58 billion, and three lucky ticket holders split the prize to each win $528.8 million before taxes. Tennessee couple John and Lisa Robinson, from Munford, came forward days later and appeared on the Today Show before claiming their money. David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith from Melbourne Beach waited until the following month to contact Florida Lottery officials, while the identity of the third winner was only revealed in July 2016 when Marvin and Mae Acosta from Chino Hills, California, claimed their winnings.

2) $768.4 million — March 27th 2019

Manuel Franco from West Allis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, won a jackpot worth over $768 million with a ticket bought from a Speedway in New Berlin. He went in to work the next day but was unable to concentrate and so he decided to give up his job and hire a team of legal and financial experts to help him invest the cash sum of $477 million wisely.

3) $758.7 million — August 23rd 2017

Following a run of 20 consecutive rollovers, a jackpot worth $758.7 million was won by Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts. The hospital worker of 32 years immediately quit her job after winning and opted to take the lump sum of $480.5 million. She bought her ticket at the Pride Station & Store in Chicopee.

4) $687.8 million — October 27th 2018

Two winning tickets split this huge jackpot to halt a run of 21 rollovers and scoop $343.9 million each. One of the entries was purchased at a deli in West Harlem in Manhattan, New York, while the other was bought at Casey’s 425 Second St. in Redfield, near Des Moines, to become Iowa’s biggest lottery winner.

5) $590.5 million — May 18th 2013

Gloria MacKenzie, an 84-year-old from Zephyrhills in Florida, landed a colossal $590.5 million in 2013 and chose the cash option of $370.8 million. She purchased her winning Quick Pick at the local Publix store, after another shopper had let her go in front of them in the queue.

6) $587.5 million — November 28th 2012

The biggest jackpot of 2012 was shared between two ticket holders. Matthew Good from Arizona took home half of the money, while the other half went to Cindy and Mark Hill from Missouri. Both ticket holders went for the pre-tax cash option of $192.3 million.

7) $564.1 million — February 11th 2015

Three ticket holders bagged a pre-tax total of $188 million after matching all six numbers drawn. The prize was shared by Marie Holmes from Shallotte, North Carolina, an anonymous player from Puerto Rico, and TL Management Trust from Texas.

8) $559.7 million — January 6th 2018

A single ticket holder grabbed the jackpot to end a run of 20 rollovers and become New Hampshire’s biggest winner. The lucky ticket was bought at Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack, just south of Concord, and had a cash value of approximately $352 million. The winner signed the back of her ticket but was allowed to claim the money anonymously through a trust after a court hearing.

9) $488.4 million — August 7th 2013

The three winners in this draw all selected the cash option of $86 million each. One of the winners, Paul White, came from Ham Lake in Minnesota, while the other two were both from New Jersey. Mario Scarnici of Monmouth Junction purchased one of the tickets and the other belonged to a 16-strong lottery pool from Oceans County dubbed ‘Oceans 16’.

10) $487 million — July 30th 2016

A single ticket from New Hampshire became one of the biggest winners in Powerball history in July 2016. They decided to stay anonymous, claiming the money through the Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust, and vowed to give an initial $100,000 to charity.

Final Thoughts

There exists proven mathematical strategies for increasing your odds of winning prizes in any lotto game.

The most successful technique for beating the lottery is “number wheeling”. Number wheeling significantly improves your chances of winning multiple prizes in every game you enter.

Although a strategy does not exist that can show you how to guarantee a jackpot win there are strategies available that can increase your chances of winning a jackpot prize enough to make playing in a syndicate a really good idea. You will definitely increase your chances of winning medium and small prizes by playing as a part of a syndicate that wheels its numbers.

Lottery syndicates win more often simply because they have more buying power to wheel more numbers. Syndicates that do not wheel their numbers have no more chance of winning than an individual player does though. So your syndicate must wheel their numbers.

The more numbers you wheel, the higher your chances of winning prizes but the more tickets you will need to buy.

So that is why it is always a good idea to join a syndicate or start your own.

These powerful powerball strategies have been proven to work consistently and if used correctly can increase your chances of winning multiple times in multiple games on a consistent basis.

Once you are in a syndicate start by identifying a large amount of hot numbers from which you will pick a selection of numbers to play. The cost for entries will depend of the “wheel” you are using which in turn depends on the amount of hot numbers you choose.

The more numbers you wheel the better. More numbers wheeled means your odds will increase.

Have your syndicate members pool their ticket money together and wheel your numbers to guarantee you win. Keep your numbers and play them on a consistent basis. When you learn how to wheel you will know how to win powerball prizes on a consistent basis. So learn to do it now!

How to Win Powerball Prizes Using 1 Weird Technique

So, what is the one simple but weird technique for winning the lottery?

It is number wheeling and it works!

Try it out for yourself and you’ll be amazed at how much more “lucky” you get.

Why is the cash option always a different percentage of the annuity from draw to draw?

If you’re calculating what percentage the cash value is of the annuity, then you’re looking at it backwards. The cash value is the starting point, as it is a direct percentage of ticket sales. Then the annuity amount is calculated from that, based on prevailing interest rates. Since the interest rates are constantly changing, the annuity amount calculated on one day will be a different number than if it is calculated the next day. So when a drawing occurs and the lottery has to estimate the next annuity jackpot, they first estimate the number of tickets that will be sold for the next drawing, which determines what the cash value estimate is (because a fixed percentage of each ticket sold goes toward prizes). Then they finally calculate what the annuity will be based on the current interest rates.

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